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Women's Posture Correcting Bra
Women's Posture Correcting Bra

Women's Posture Correcting Bra

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We believe all women---suffering from back pain---deserve a brace that could not only provide pain relief, but also fit their delicate, bodily dimensions. Nowadays, most posture correctors are specifically tailored to fit men. Women shouldn't be burdened with an unfitting and uncomfortable back brace. Rather, they should have a back brace that fits their specific dimensions, whilst supporting other body parts.

Back braces for women require back support AND chest support. Our posture corrector integrates the pain-relieving and posture-correcting aspects of a back brace with the chest support of a bra, essentially combining the two. 

Women should look as good as they feel when wearing our products. The back of this product is purposely designed as an "X", so whoever wears it will look younger and slimmer. 


Material: Nylon,Spandex

Package includes: 1x Chest UP Support Belt

Size Index:  

Measure under your bust

Small:    23  -  29"     (60 - 74cm)

Medium:   29  -  31"      (75 - 80cm)

Large:    31  -  33"    (80 - 85cm)

XL:      33  -  36"     (85 - 93cm)

XXL:     36  -  39"     (93 - 101cm)



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